Saturday, April 30, 2011

First Post . 20th Monthsary.

5-1-2011 11:50AM
As my first post. I would like to tell what would be the contents of every post in this blog.
Well i just made this blog to record everything that happen with me and my girlfriend.
We first think of having a diary but that would be only one and we will be sharing it.
We want to make a diary that each of us can view it everyday that is why i made this blog.
We two are the author. But we'll be sharing the same account. I also want our identity to
be private cause will be posting everything that happens within us even our sweet private
time together. :D! hope you enjoy reading each of our post as you follow it. Ineexpect
ko comments nyo.

5-1-2011 12:00PM
Natutuwa ako na maayos na yung cellphone ni M hindi kami nakapagtext masyado kahapon.
Almost a month na since last na nagkita kami. And I know miss na miss na nia ko.
Kaya para sa first post ko.

I wanna say Happy Twentieth Monthsary satin. I Love u so much M. :*!

by Anonymous K

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