Sunday, May 1, 2011


5-01-11 (07:05p.m)

HELLO> :))  So, I’ve never done this before and if anything, the reason why I’m writing this is because ME and my BOYFRIEND decided to have this blog as our diary. Today is our 20th monthsary but sad to say were not able to celebrate it together. But  im very much excited for the upcoming days with him. :)) . Like what he said in the previous post it almost 1 month since we saw each other.:( i really miss him. 

BABE:  HAPPY MONTHSARY!   iLoveyou so much! 20months && still counting. yeah! ahhaha .
baby, Thank you for always making me happy.  :)) 
    It is always my prayer that god will always bless our relationship and keep us together FOREVER.  LOVEYOU! 
see you soon .. mwuaaah .. HUUuuUUUuuG. >:D

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