Tuesday, May 3, 2011


May 3,2011
( 5:30 -- 9:30 pm ) 

+ It's truly amazing, How one day someone walk into my life and suddenly I can't remember how Im going to lived without  HIM. <3 +

5:30 in the afternoon-- I went in MSC to meet him. i waited him for almost 10 minutes. Late na naman sya. wew ahahha. Then we bought " MERIENDA"( kikiam @ kwek-kwek ) . We sat down and ate.  && started to share some stories,chikka  atbp.
 Whatta funny afternoon :D As always, Everytime were together wala kmeng gnawa kundi tumawa ng tumawa, magtitigan, kilitian . sooo sweeeet! (EVER SINCE)  He held my hands and say "iLOVeyou" so many times. :"> 
[ BluUUush ] KIIIIIIIISSSSS sabay HUuuug ahahahha . :* :* :*   

8:00 P.M -- We had a dinner together @ Mang Inasal . wOaah. SUPER FULL ! *BURP* 
May naisipan baby ko na napagka'sweeeet! nag voice recoRding kme, For us to listen before we go to sleep. EXCITED na nga ko marinig eh. 

9:30 P.M -- Finally im HOME. STILL, had a smile in my face :))) ♥  had a great time with him. :)

 BABY: thanks for this wonderfuL day ! iloveyou so muuch!! mwuaahhhh!!

By--- M.

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