Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy couple... :)

5/17/2011  ,12 noon

Yesterday ,May 16, 2011.

We went to a hotel. We were there for around 9 o'clock in the morning.We have planned
checking in that hotel since almost last week. Because we miss each other(as always) so much.
When we enter the room I immediately grab her and hug her so tight then kiss her so sweetly.
Then I asked her if she brought some drinks with her because I was thirsty. After that I hug her
again and those sweet kisses starts the fire between us. We begin to have sex just minutes after
we got in to our room ,no doubt that she missed me so much. After my first cum I washed it
and after that we wrestled in bed tickling each other we laughed so much, we were so happy we
were together. Then we order for food and drinks because we were both hungry. We ate
very joyful enjoying the food, eating with our hands and feeding each other. Then we have
a little burping contest. LOL! After the fourth time that I cum, we sang together listening to
the song in the tv, laying her head in my arms while she was hugging me till we both fell asleep.
I woke up thinking that I just closed my eyes for a minute. Then she heard me singing that
make her wake up too. :D
We have sex again till I cum for the eleventh. Then we went to the shower room.
We took abath together and scrubbing each others body with soap.
We put on our clothes and talk for a while till she decided to go home.
Before we went home we went to a fast-food chain and bought coke float.
And went separates ways.
It was a really tiring yet another memorable day together.
Till now I can't put off the smile within my face. :D


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